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Yoga Nidra


Feb 19th: 7:30pm – 8:45pm
with Daniel Groom

Yoga Nidra is one of the deepest forms of meditation known to mankind, guiding you through various levels of mental processes that take you into supreme stillness and calm. This one focuses on what is Sankalpa (a positive vision / intention) & how to we create a vision for ourselves to achieve our goals / be the person we most want to be for 2016.

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Rest and Relax workshop

20th Feb: 11am – 1pm

To ‘rest’, to ‘relax’ and to ‘restore’ is essential to everyone especially in today’s society and stressful lifestyle. To ‘rest’ deeply is to experience relaxation, where there is effortlessness, quietness and peace.

Join Dan in the latest of his popular workshops

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Yoga Like Water

Masterclass With the incredible Dan Peppiatt
27th Feb: 10am – 12pm

“I love coming back to Wellbeing Yoga, everyone is so enthusiastic about yoga plus I feel like I’m back home with my Essex yoga family!”

In these masterclasses we’ll be going deeper into our practice, flowing through postures, slowly, focusing on our transitions – a very important part of the practice.

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Come & try out Ania's class tonight while Jo is away - she's lovely - give it a whirl - 7pm @ the studio https://t.co/VTGfSbrH5q 
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Sonia-on Tuesdays class we worked towards those more challenging postures with mindfulness . 
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Some days it just feels tough, it's just tough getting up and out of bed - if you feel like this - take some... https://t.co/qL99NRk4OP