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“I started my yoga journey after having panic attacks and anxiety. There has never been a class that I haven’t loved! Over the years I’ve taken classes with nearly all the teachers, all of whom are amazing! Yoga is now very much apart of my life. I have been to many studios and different classes, if anything this has made me realise time and time again how lucky I am to have a studio close to home with such amazing classes, teachers and workshops on offer. I haven’t experienced anything else even close”. – JC (Oct 2017)

“All the classes I take at Wellbeing Yoga are excellent. All your teachers teach with such authenticity, passion, love and care – there are a lot of yoga classes and teachers on offer but having enjoyed over 10 years of classes at the Sivananda Centre in Putney and doing the Sivananda teacher training in India (many years ago!) I know just how good the teachers are at Wellbeing Yoga!!” – KW (Oct 2017)

Whats On?

Mindfulness Meditation Course

Date: May 20 2018 – May 27 2018 From: 11:30 AM – 12:30 PM
Date: Jun 01 2018 From: 7:15 PM – 8:15 PM
Date: Jun 03 2018 From: 11:30 AM – 12:30 PM

Using our breath to focus and calm our chaotic mind we will learn to be present, which is essentially the meaning of mindfulness- to be “in the moment”. The meditation course is suitable for anyone and recommended for those with an interest to learn more about meditation and mindfulness.

Hatha AND Hypnosis 4-Week Course: How to Free the Body and the Mind with Candace Redden

Date: May 14 2018 – Jun 04 2018 From: 8:15 PM – 9:30 PM

Join Hypnotherapist and Yoga Teacher Candace Redden (Dip H,Dip NLP &HC HB MhbA) on our Hatha & Hypnosis course combining yoga and hypnosis to facilitate change for you but not just in your body, in your mind as well. This is all about relieving tension on the key areas: neck, shoulders, lower back and hips, so we’ll start with breathing exercises and some de-stressing yoga followed by a guided hypnosis lying-down relaxation to teach you how to work with your subconscious mind and create change from within. Open to anyone but ideal for you if you’re stressed, just need some tlc, or are struggling with anxiety/other similar concerns.
Limited Spaces
£60 incl VAT (for the 4 Mondays)

Re-Balancing/Chakra (Energy Centre) Workshop for Calm & Wellbeing with Krystal Moore

Date: May 25 2018 From: 7:15 PM – 9:00 PM
This workshop gets fully booked so book in early! Chakras are energy centres in the body that can become “energetically blocked” leading to physical, mental or emotional imbalances. This workshop will use a beautifully-crafted sequence of Yin postures to work with each chakra and rebalance body and mind. The postures used are slow, restorative and gentle leading to long-hold poses that fully support the chakra, body and soul. Each posture will bring attention to the energy centre and we will meditate on each one and its associated elements.
Investment £27. incl. VAT

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