An Alternative Approach to Setting New Years Resolutions

Sat Date: Jan 20 2018 From: 11:00 AM – 1:30 PM
If your setting New Year’s Resolutions have a read of this. I’ve spent much time contemplating them and have come to see that most New Year resolutions are based on our shame and self-blame i.e. around what we think is wrong with us or what we think needs to be “fixed e.g. I need to lose weight. BUT this year how about NOT repeating the same old story then feeling a failure come February. You don’t need to make yet another resolution to lose weight or to “be good” (what a load of balls “be good” is!) to have your best chance at health and wellbeing.

In the past, I’ve set goals for myself and within a weeks found myself unmotivated. Sound familiar? Shame-based goals have an inevitable failure that comes with them (followed by beating yourself up for failing again, then the cycle just repeats itself). Let’s set goals for 2018 to that aren’t based on shame or self-blame.
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