Health and Safety

The health and safety of our community is important to us and cleanliness has always been up there, so we thought we’d share with you how we are bring extra vigilant (please join us!) just to be on the safe side. We also acknowledge there’s a lot of scaremongering going on out there – our motto is “Keep Calm and carry on… just wash your hands please! P.S. please don’t come to the studio if you are sick, thanks” Simple!


  • We have 2 x antic handwashes by the sink for you to wash your hands before /after coming (and in the loos in the gym – the gym are also being extra vigilant)
  • Mats! If you choose to use our new ones, pls use the Tea Tree sprays & wipe down after use (cloths are being washed) or even better bring your own mat (we also sell them if you need one)
  • If we can get some hand sanitiser we will – but washing hands really is best
  • We will add another day’s cleaning to the current twice-weekly clean rota
  • The teachers will also keep an eye on cleanliness.

Thank you all see you soon!