Into the Wild: Wild Water Swim, Walk & Yoga Challenge!


Guided by Jessica Livingstone & Ania Caplin

25 Sept 7-10:30/11am

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Guided by Jessica Livingstone & Ania Caplin

25 Sept 7-10:30/11am (Time needed: at least 3 hours)

These have proved very popular so do get booked in ahead as we limit the spaces (it doesn’t feel right to take a huge group). 

Some of you may have seen that some of us teachers have regularly entering the sea – even in the depths of winter! We’ve done this to experience the endless benefits of cold water immersion / cold water therapy – and WE LOVE IT! We also love a bit of wild water swimming in nature. Therefore, we put together this event for our community – a wonderful morning out into the country! 

What’s the idea? To challenge yourself to go for a wild swim, out in our beautiful Essex countryside. At a secret location about 40 minutes drive out of Brentwood. 

What does it involve? Driving to our secret location (details once you book) early in the morning, meaning we’ll catch the dew still on the plants and the stillness in the air as the sun rises. We encourage you to bring a friend and share lifts (let’s take less cars into nature). On arrival, we will do some yoga and preparatory breathing techniques, as well as completing a 20+ minute rural walk to the spot, then we’ll immerse ourselves in the water! As our reward, we will finish with hot drinks and something sweet! Fantastic! 

Things to think about – do I fancy a morning adventure out with likeminded people? Am I open to things not always going to plan e.g. the weather changing or other people or animals popping up – stuff happens in the country! Do I want to take myself out of my comfort zone so I grow as a person? Am I up for some fun?


Please bring a backpack so that your arms are free, a towel, swimming shoes to protect your feet, plus wear some decent walking shoes/trainers. Please wear layers and change into your swimming costume beforehand. If you want to wear a wetsuit for the water you can bring one (we don’t but that’s just personal choice). Travelling light is best!

NB:  If the weather is awful we will have to postpone. As this is a county event you will be asked to take responsibility for your own health and wellbeing. We will give you guidance based on our experience; however we are not Drs so please ensure that you are healthy and fit and can swim before attending.

It’s coming into Autumn so the water will be warmer, but it’s still cold and it’s still wild. If you have not gone in cold water before we highly recommend that you start the cold water challenge TODAY – turn your daily shower to cold at the end – start with 15 seconds and build up from there.  Cold water immersion offers numerous benefits, including: a shift in mood & a natural high, strengthened immunity, improved circulation, a burn in calories, reduction of stress and a great way to socialise!