Sea Dip, Walk & Yoga Challenge!


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With 3 Teachers & Sea Dippers: Jessica Livingstone, Ania Caplin & Sonia Patten

Start at 7am finish around 10am Essex location Next one 13 November

Some of you have already joined us 3 teachers on our Into The Wild Workshops. It’s time to move into a new and different challenge!  So, we invite you to join us to experience the endless benefits of cold water therapy on a great community event – a heartening morning out, yoga and dip just after sunrise! 

What’s the idea? To challenge yourself to go for a dip (or a swim if you’re a swimmer) in the open water – this time the sea at a new location! (location about 35/40 minutes drive from Brentwood). 

What does it involve? Driving to our secret location (details on booking) early morning to catch the still in the air and the sunrise. We encourage you to bring a friend and share lifts (good for you and the planet). Once parked there’s a short walk and an energising yoga practice with preparatory breathing techniques… then we will get into the water. As our reward, we will gather in the local coffee shop too! Fantastic! 

Things to think about. Do I fancy a morning adventure out with likeminded people? Am I up for things not always going to plan? When you’re out in nature, other people arrive, stuff happens! You’re at the mercy of the elements. Do I want to take myself out of my comfort zone so I grow as a person?

If so, get booked in ahead as we’re limiting numbers.


Please bring a backpack, swim shoes and decent walking shoes/trainers. Wear layers and get into your swimming costume beforehand. If you want to wear a wetsuit you can bring one, we don’t but that’s just personal choice.

If the weather is awful we may do some modifications or have to postpone it. NB: as this is a country event you are asked to take responsibility for your own health and wellbeing. We will give you guidance but we are not Drs, so please ensure that you are healthy, fit and can swim before attending.

We are moving into the colder season so the water is cold; it’s still do-able and super beneficial but it’s definitely cold. If you haven’t gone into cold water before, we strongly advise that you start the cold water challenge TODAY – turn your daily shower to cold at the end – start with 15 seconds and build up to 2 minutes. Please ensure you are fit and well before undertaking this challenge.

Investment: £37