About us

Strengthen the body, still the mind

“Welcome to Wellbeing Yoga where my goal is to make yoga accessible and enriching to more and more people locally. I believe that everyone deserves the chance to learn new ways for wellbeing, fitness and health regardless of age, size, gender or lifestyle. In 2013, I founded and opened the first and only yoga & meditation studio in Brentwood. Sadly due to the pandemic we had to shut the studio doors (Sept 2021) but we remain a strong community, which is currently running classes hosted by me Jessica. My way of teaching seeks to take the mystery out of yoga and to present it in a simple way. I give step-by-step support in all our classes. You’ll also find that I avoid jargon and explain how yoga brings you real health benefits.

I run weekly classes, courses, workshops and retreats and I believe I have something for everyone – from beginners to experienced yoga practitioners, come and try a class – I look forward to meeting you!”


Jessica Livingstone, Founder