Yoga Tips

Yoga Mat
Here are 10 top tips for you as you think about taking part in yoga

    1. When you first come, try a few classes.
    2. Don’t be defeated if you try one class and it’s not for you try yoga for at least 6 classes to decide if it’s right for you
    3. Arrive about 5 minutes before class to get yourself settled
    4. If you have a mat bring it, if not we have some you can use. Think about getting your own mat after a while – we sell them at the studio.
    5. Leave any self-criticism and judgement at the door. Yoga is a compassionate practice. You’re learning to love yourself – and others! It’s also non-competitive, we learn not to compete with others, so don’t worry about what anyone else is doing.
    6. Wear what you would wear to do exercise in, and we practice in bare feet. If you are female, wear a good sports bra.
    7. Try not to eat too close to class (at least 2 hours before) and be well hydrated before you come. Bring a bottle of water.
    8. Some people may experience slight headaches, or feel sick sometimes after early classes. That’s the toxins coming out of your organs into your blood stream. It’s actually a good thing! So drink lots of water after class.
    9. Bring a friend or two. It can help motivate you to stick with it.
    10. Smile, relax, enjoy – yoga is fun and at at Wellbeing Yoga we’ll support you all the way!