Class Descriptions


Hatha Yoga is used to restore and renew the body and mind by using breath work, relaxation techniques, meditation and simple yoga postures. It nourishes the body and is complementing to busy lifestyles.


Vinyasa means “breath synchronised movement / connection of movements”. It is a dynamic flowing form of yoga which harmonises breath and movement to give strength, grace and freedom.


Yoga Therapy combines traditional yoga with western medical science. It uses movement, body strengthening, breath work and powerful techniques of deep relaxation.


Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga is used to restore and renew the body and mind by using breath work, relaxation techniques, meditation and simple yoga postures (sometimes referred to as asanas). By bringing consciousness to the mind and body, Hatha Yoga can help you relax effectively. It nourishes the body and is complementing to busy lifestyles.

Daniel Groom, Sonia Patten, Candace Redden, Sarah Sadler & Krystal Moore are our Hatha Yoga teachers. All Hatha classes have similar elements but each teacher brings their individual slant to the practice. For example Lucia Berdondini teaches Scarivelli which we have labelled hatha so not to confuse people – the Scarivelli approach is a very therapeutic, hands on experience.

Daniel Groom – Monday and Wednesdaydaniel
Daniel’s classes bring you a gentle form of Hatha and are ideal for beginners as well as experienced practitioners interested in learning about the restorative and therapeutic side of yoga. They are perfect for those who are put off by energetic classes and are often chosen by those managing aches and pains and health concerns.
Sonia Patten – Tuesdaysonia_patten
Sonia’s classes are suitable for yoga practitioners at all levels. They involve flowing sequences with use of breath technique together with more detailed work on specific postures. Sonia places emphasis on correct alignment that is strengthening and that also develops flexibility and body awareness. Sonia introduces the use of props so individuals can practice according to specific needs or injuries.
Sarah Sadler – Thursdaysarah-sadler
Sarah’s classes introduce mindfulness meditation and combine this with deep relaxation and posture work to unwind, realign and strengthen the body and mind. These classes are suitable for beginners and those wishing to understand posture and breath work more deeply, perhaps before moving into a more vigorous practice. Sarah runs two classes on Thursdays. Her first one is for those who are generally physically able and her second one embraces those who may be experiencing health concerns or mobility issues.

Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa means “breath synchronised movement”. Vinyasa Yoga is a dynamic flowing form of yoga which harmonises breath and movement to give strength, grace and freedom. It is an energising and deeply nourishing practice that guides you towards stillness and meditation.

Jessica Livingstone, Daniel Groom, Ania Caplin and Tracy Willis teach Vinyasa Yoga. They each bring their own particular dimensions to this dynamic form of yoga.

Jessica Livingstone – Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Fridayjess
Jessica teaches various levels of Power Vinyasa Yoga with classes suitable for beginners, intermediates and advanced practitioners every week. Check our timetable for the classes that match the level at which you wish to practice. Jessica is passionate about the physical flow of Vinyasa which has its origins in the Hindu spiritual teachings of Sivananda Saraswati. She uses breath and mind focus coupled with a series of dynamic flow movements and stretches.
Daniel Groom – Mondaydaniel
Daniel teaches a Vinyasa Yoga class which is ideal for beginners. He guides you through dynamic practice and meditation and explains the health benefits that accompany Vinyasa – mentally, the breathing relaxes the mind and helps to release tension; physically, sweating expels toxins helping the body re-energise and to become lean and strong.
Ania – Tuesday & Wednesdays
Ania’s Tuesday class 8.15pm is especially for intermediates and advanced practitioners, the 7pm is the easier one for all. Using Vinyasa movements that are smooth and flowing this form of yoga can seem almost dance like – this is where the “flow” comes in. Ania incorporates dynamic flow movements and stretches which bring a sense of real calm as well as providing a good physical work out, she is inspired by the Astanga series also.
Tracy Willis – Wednesday and Saturdaytracy_willis

A perfect class for beginners and intermediates, Tracy brings you a class that is fun, full of variety and that will help push you to your personal limit. Giving real meaning to “breath synchronised movement” Tracy ensures you get a good cardio workout combined with postures and movement which stretch and strengthen.

Yoga Therapy

Certain yoga teachers specialise in the study of “Yoga Therapy” looking in depth at medical concerns such as depression, stress, spinal issues, multiple sclerosis or cancer so that they can tailor their yoga to facilitate healing. Yoga Therapy complements medical treatment and can help provide relief from symptoms. Yoga should not interfere with medical treatment. It works on cultivating integration of body mind and emotions and on balancing the subtle energy system. It promotes the body’s own innate healing mechanism. It can be practised with other medical treatments with other complementary therapies. It is, however, essential to check with your doctor before embarking on any yoga course and to inform any other health practitioner you are seeing.

Daniel Groom – Mondays and Wednesdays
Daniel teaches Group Yoga Therapy on Mondays and Wednesdays. He is an experienced Yoga Teacher and has furthered his education as a Yoga Therapist with the prestigious Yoga Campus training in UK. Daniel can also be booked for private 1:1 yoga therapy sessions.

Pregnancy Yoga

Pregnancy Yoga is recommended for pregnant women as a gentle way of maintaining or gaining fitness whilst reducing anxiety with breathing and relaxation techniques. Yoga breathing techniques are extremely useful to expand women’s breathing capacity and can be carried through to use during labour and the postnatal period to promote physical and emotional wellbeing.

Candace Redden – Wednesdaycandace_redden
Candace’s pregnancy yoga techniques offer you the opportunity to connect with your baby and allow you to meet other mums to be. It is suitable for all levels. The class brings many benefits including strengthening birthing muscles, reducing back ache, improving circulation and keeping you fit whilst being sensitive to both baby and you. It also helps you maintain good energy levels at an important time of life.

One to One Yoga

If you feel that you would like to work one to one with a yoga teacher private lessons may be for you. Some of our customers like to have someone by their side explaining how to do yoga safely, how to breathe, keep alignment and relax in the comfort of their own home (or at the studio).

We charge £45 for each one hour lesson. By booking 10 lessons in one block your lesson price reduces to £42.50 with the block price of £425.

If you would like to book a private session please Click here.

We also do small group sessions.