Online Video Classes/Workshops

Wellbeing Yoga is switching to ONLINE classes with effect from 21st March 2020 in response to the Covid19 (Coronavirus) and the UK Government advice with regards to social interaction and unnecessary travel. 

The following is guidance on how you can actively take part in an online class with us from your own home:

Set up your Laptop/Device

  1. Choose a device in your home that has a camera that can be pointed at the space in which you will practice your Online Yoga class:
    • Laptop
    • Tablet
    • Phone
  2. Visit on that device and download the “Zoom Client for Meetings” application (for a Laptop) or the Zoom Mobile Apps for your Tablet/Phone (iOS & Android supported)

  3. Install the application.

Before each class

  1. Please note: Class registration will close 15mins before the class starts, so please book your place BEFORE that time!
  2. 15 – 30mins before your class is due to start, you will be sent a unique code to enter into the application. (typically this will be a 6 digit number)
  3. About 5 mins before your class is due to start, prepare your personal Yoga space, close the doors and try to reduce the ambient noise levels in the room
  4. Open the Zoom Application and click on the link “Join a meeting” and enter the number as the “Meeting ID” and click “Join”
  5. You will then join the class online!

During the class

  • Consider putting your microphone on mute unless you need to speak
  • Your teacher may remotely Mute all class attendees, so if you need to speak, ensure you UN-Mute yourself first
  • Use the “Reactions” to provide spontaneous feedback to the teachers/others in the class (Handclap / Thumbs Up)
  • Click on “Participants” to see who else is in the class
  • Click on the dots of the teachers video feed to PIN their video to your screen
  • Feedback to your teacher at the end of the class anything that worked well or you struggled with, so we can improve the service. This is new to us all, so we are all learning as we go… so your feedback is important to enable us to make these Online classes the best they can be