Tending to Your Heart: Move from Stress to Compassion, Live with more LOVE 12 March

With Senior Yoga Teacher Jessica Livingstone Sat 12 March 1-4.30pm

When we physically stagnate – e.g. working at desks for long periods – and when we feel hurt our heart physically contracts. This contraction affects our mental, physical and emotional wellbeing. Most often we “shut down” or “close off”. We feel less connected to life, less joyful and can feel down or resentful. If you can relate to this then this is for you.

This workshop draws on Jessica’s 13 years as a yoga and meditation teacher as well as self development mentor and her passion for mental, physical and emotional health. We will delve into the effect that an enlivened heart has on how we feel. We will also explore how to live a life that is more centred in the heart instead of in our heads where we are often dominated by thought processes that do not serve us.

We will look at how we can live from a place of love, compassion, forgiveness and acceptance. Instead of the opposite – living in stress, busy-ness, resentment and anxiety. We will explore heart mantras, specific meditation and breathing techniques, combined with physical movements as well as asana (postures), that delve into the heart space. This will leave you feeling connected, released and loving once more.

This workshop is open to All Levels. However, it does require a reasonable level of fitness and an ability to get up and down from the floor unaided.  

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