Into the Wild! Wild Water Immersion, Walk & Yoga, with Jess, Ania & Sonia

Dates follow shortly

These events are popular. Come & join us to experience the endless benefits of cold water therapy at these great community events – a heartening morning out, yoga and dip just after sunrise! 

What’s the idea? To challenge yourself to go for a dip (or a swim if you’re a swimmer) in open water (location about 45 minutes drive from Brentwood). 

What does it involve? Driving to our secret location (details on booking) early morning to catch the still in the air and the sunrise. We encourage you to bring a friend and share lifts (good for you and the planet). Once parked there’s a short walk and an energising yoga practice with preparatory breathing techniques… then we will get into the water. As our reward, we will complete with hot drinks and healthy snack.

Things to think about. Do I fancy a morning adventure out with likeminded people? Am I up for things not always going to plan? When you’re out in nature, other people arrive, stuff happens! You’re at the mercy of the elements. Do I want to take myself out of my comfort zone so I grow as a person?

If so, get booked in ahead as we always limit numbers. On the homepage scroll down and click the River swim PayPal button and you are booked in & will receive details, thank you.